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SpacAd is a pioneering scientific and marketing company specializing in the field of space advertising. It is an international business that actively develops technologies to showcase advertisements in space and transmit them to Earth. Despite being founded relatively recently on January 22, 2023, SpacAd has rapidly emerged as a dynamic player in the industry.


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SpacAd is at the forefront of revolutionizing advertising by harnessing the unique opportunities presented by space. The company has significant milestones in the field of space advertising and is poised to reshape the way brands engage with their audiences.

One of SpacAd’s groundbreaking achievements is the development of a technology that allows the condensation of moonlight to create words or images on the dark water surface. This innovation enables SpacAd to project advertisements using lunar light, captivating viewers on Earth with mesmerizing displays.

In addition to its technological advancements, SpacAd has introduced its proprietary cryptocurrency called Aim-token. Aim-token represents ownership shares in the company, allowing individuals to become shareholders and receive quarterly dividends.

Key Areas of Operation

SpacAd operates in two primary areas:

– investment in Space Advertising: SpacAd offers investment opportunities in space advertising, allowing individuals and businesses to participate in this cutting-edge industry and generate returns from their investments;

– space and Lunar Advertising Services: The company provides comprehensive services for space and lunar advertising campaigns. By leveraging their innovative technologies, SpacAd offers businesses the opportunity to showcase their brands to a global audience through captivating space-based advertisements.

Future Endeavors

SpacAd is embarking on ambitious projects that will further solidify its position as a leader in space advertising:

– rocket development: SpacAd is currently in the process of constructing the SpacAd rocket in the metaverse. This rocket will serve as a launch platform for space advertising campaigns and will also be accompanied by a space museum, creating a hub for space enthusiasts;

– live broadcasts and experiences: SpacAd plans to offer live broadcasts of its space advertising launches, providing real-time coverage of captivating campaigns. Viewers will have the opportunity to witness these events firsthand, either by attending in-person or by virtually accessing the SpacAd rocket in the metaverse.

Impact and Future Prospects

The advent of SpacAd’s rocket and space museum in the metaverse is expected to attract significant attention and interest from the public. The development of these facilities will generate substantial foot traffic and serve as a prime opportunity for large companies to secure advertising spaces near the rocket. Early investors who acquire land plots in the metaverse can capitalize on this growing interest by leasing or selling their properties at a higher value.

With its innovative technologies, original solutions and visionary approach, SpacAd is revolutionizing the advertising industry by unlocking the potential of space. As the company continues to expand its reach and capabilities, it is poised to shape the future of advertising and captivate audiences both on Earth and beyond.

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