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(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Hillegom, Noord-Holland Jun 6, 2023 ( – Channel Biomedical Group, a biomedical company that specializes in introducing cutting-edge technologies to the healthcare market, and DR BEI, an innovative oral care product manufacturer based in China, have announced a partnership to introduce DR BEI’s award-winning products to the global market.

Mr. Zhang Jun, CEO of DR BEI, stated, “We are extremely pleased to partner with Channel Biomedical Group to bring our products to the global market.” “We believe that oral hygiene is the first and most important step toward health and wellness. Everyone should have access to oral hygiene products of the highest quality. This partnership will enable us to reach more people than ever before in our mission to give 80 healthy teeth to every 80-year-old.”

“Oral health is a necessity for all individuals. The 2003 Lemelson MIT survey revealed that the toothbrush is the invention that people can’t live without the most.” Dr. Jibin Chi, president of Channel Biomedical Group, pointed out that “when compared to the development of automobiles or computers, however, toothbrush innovation is lagging far behind.”

“We are thrilled to partner with DR BEI to introduce their innovative oral care products to consumers worldwide. We are always on the lookout for innovations that can radically improve human health. The products of DR BEI are exactly what we need to make a difference in the world. Having a background in preventive dentistry, oral antioxidant capacity assessment, and dental tissue engineering, I have a particular interest in promoting oral health. With its ergonomic designs, innovative technologies, and precision medicine approach, DR BEI has revolutionized the industry of oral care. I am impressed by how DR BEI has raised the bar for oral care, and we are proud to partner with such a great company to help improve the oral health of people around the world with their exceptional products.”

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According to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) Oral Health Status Report, nearly half of the global population suffers from oral diseases. Several gum disease, a leading cause of total tooth loss, is estimated to affect about one billion people worldwide. In addition to tooth loss, gum disease has also been linked to other health issues, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and premature birth, making it a global public health concern.

DR BEI and Channel Biomedical Group are collaborating to bring DR BEI’s products to the international market. As additional information becomes available, the companies will provide updates.

Regarding DR BEI: DR BEI, Beijing Qing He Xiao Bei Technology Co. Ltd., is an award-winning manufacturer of oral hygiene products. Mr. Zhang Jun, a renowned designer, founded the enterprise in 2017. Among his many design accomplishments, Mr. Zhang is best known for being the principal designer for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch. Upon observing that his parents were unable to eat much in old age due to their deteriorating teeth, he vowed to create a new toothbrush to help people like his parents. In 2016, he released his first DR BEI Bass toothbrush in China via crowdfunding. This manual toothbrush immediately became a crowdfunding phenomenon, selling a record 240,000 units in a single week. It subsequently won all four main international design awards: the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, the A’Design Award, and the Good Design Award. Their first DR BEI electric toothbrush and first DR BEI portable water flosser also created record responses from the market and have won a total of seven global design awards.

Under his leadership, DR BEI has grown into a sensitive oral care expert offering a variety of toothbrushes and other oral care products for consumers and professionals. The company has established four advanced oral research laboratories in order to create customized toothbrushes and oral care products. These laboratories collect tens of thousands of global oral data in collaboration with industry leaders and oral care experts to become Asia’s top oral data center.

DR BEI has been granted more than twenty international design awards and over one hundred patents to date. DR BEI toothbrush was selected as the exclusive official toothbrush for BOAO Forum for Asia in 2018. DR BEI C01 also became the first CHINA-Mark certified, the highest quality standard, electric toothbrush in China last year. The company was honored with Scene Lab Award, BrandStar Award, and Chinese Beauty Foresight Best Product Award. Moreover, DR BEI was elected as the New Brand Concept by Howard Business Review in China. DR.BEI is a corporate member of the Chinese Standards Body for electric toothbrushes and powered irrigators.

Aside from its own product line, DR BEI also offers customized OEM brand design and production services to a Fortune 500 company based in China. Furthermore, they have received substantial funding from two Fortune 500 companies in the wellness and healthcare sectors. This level of investment demonstrates DR BEI’s capability to advance oral care technologies and develop cutting-edge products to improve oral health worldwide.

About Channel Biomedical Group: Channel Biomedical Group is a Dutch company with three international subsidiaries and stakes of ownership in two innovative biotechnology and wellness-focused startups. The company specializes in bringing cutting-edge innovations and technologies to the biomedical and wellness markets. Channel Biomedical Group has a strong track record of launching innovative products and technologies in the healthcare market. The company has established long-term partnerships with a number of great innovators and inventors in the biomedical, medical devices, and wellness fields. Dr. Jibin Chi, the founder of Channel Biomedical Group, is an international speaker at major congresses and events in the scientific field, especially in metabolic diseases as a result of his disruptive new theory on diabetes. He has served as a scientific lecturer, health and healing expert, and meditation instructor on “Holistic Holiday at Sea” – the world’s largest annual medical wellness cruise. In 2018 and 2019, he was presented with the “Art of Air” Award in the category of science. Today, Channel Biomedical Group has expanded into integrated medicine and wellness with the creation of the CHI Awakening Academy in Sweden.

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