The newest musical creation ‘One Life-One Shot’ by the incredibly skilled artist Recertified Teenager has gritty and dynamic beats and amazing composition.

Recertified Teenager

Get in the mood for authentic R&B and Soul music as the dazzling and talented artist Recertified Teenager brings a similar taste to your new music. The artist has given a better view on not just music, but life and philosophy in his latest project ‘One Life-One Shot’. The single is currently out on SoundCloud which revolves around how humans have just one life which is why everyone should live it well and fulfill whatever dreams they want to. The single has been receiving quite a lot of support from his fans and listeners, proving the artist’s talent for impressing listeners with musical pieces.

According to certain fables in the UK and US, cats have 7 or 9 lives which are why they can live pretty recklessly. However, humans do not have the luxury of that many lives as we are destined with only one life. The song, ‘One Life-One Shot’ explores how we do not get another chance at life so we must live to the fullest. Despite fate intervening, people must not take life too seriously as no one comes out alive anyway. This is a life lesson that the artist has explained beautifully with the help of instrumental arrangements that will create a magical ambiance for the audience. Recertified Teenager has mastered the genre in this short project that proves he is in the game for the long run.

The realistic musical piece has met with magnificent rhythm and a beautiful arrangement of instruments that adds soul to the track. The lyrics are expressive and lays out the message wonderfully that captivates the audience for a long time. The stunning composition, met with expressive and well-versed singing will be a memorable one for the track’s listeners. Listen to the artist’s previous tracks ‘Its My Life-3 by Recertified Teenager…’, ‘Don’t Diss Me’, ‘Gospel, R & B’, ‘Words Alone Cannot Describe You…by: KP-McBen…’, etc. on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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