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Her upcoming inspiring book is titled You Only Live Twice – When Inner Strength Is All You Have and will be available via major players in the global book distribution field.


(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jun 22, 2023 ( – Did you know that doctors don’t always have all the answers?

In a world where teenagers are given endless hours of exam techniques, no one really prepares them for the curve balls that life may throw at them.  In this book, Hannah shares how resilience is not taught at school but became her lifeline when death was knocking at her door.

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Hannah was a typical 15-year old teenager who thought that an upcoming school trip would consist of fun, site visits and food; but life had a different plan.  When all of her friends had city tours, Hannah lay in a hospital bed fighting to stay alive.

Hannah Muldoon writes from her heart and shares the vulnerabilities that she experienced through her health challenges which then soon translated into choosing to give up or fight for life.

Once released, the book will be available in print format in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East; and the e-book will have distribution from more than 70 online partners serving readers across the globe.

About The Author: 

Hannah Muldoon is a speaker, author and inspirational human. Once a typical 15-year- old teenager living in Dubai, she overcame health challenges that nearly ended her life before it had even started. Today, Hannah celebrates life and has decided to share her journey to help inspire young people who may be challenged with emotional or physical issues. Her greatest strength is her deep commitment to live everyday with purpose, because living was a courageous choice that she made when doctors and science had almost given up on her.

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