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Most of the time when flights get delayed for a long time passengers usually accommodate food and stay for themselves. It increases the budget of their expenses for the trip. Airlines are sometimes found distributing meals and hotel vouchers to the passengers if the delay of the flight is their fault but there has always been a debate about the responsibilities.

However, passengers nowadays can only claim a refund if there have been flight cancellations. There are no federal rules or regulations exist. In the meantime, the industry of airline says, ‘We believe that the United States Government is well equipped to prosecute unruly and disruptive onboard behavior,’

Airlines currently offer an excess of add-ons while booking, and the passengers have to face a high range of prices from fast boarding to seat selection. Research says that transport providers of rail and air maintain hidden prices while selling their products. In an individual consultation that was launched On Monday, misleading advertising and unclear news were targeted.

An aged couple, Ruth and Peter Jaffe was charged 110 Euros for checking in and printing their tickets at the airport as they unconsciously downloaded return tickets of themselves, which went viral from Ealing.

Kevin Hollinrake, the business minister stated that the new ideas will ensure the passengers have, ‘the clearest and most accurate information upfront’ before they invest in anything. He continues his statement by adding, ‘Today’s measures will help people keep hold of their hard-earned cash and ensure they have the clearest and most accurate information upfront before they make a purchase.’

Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of the UK stated on his visit to the US,’ ‘I think we’re all probably anecdotally and individually aware of this practice of, you know, you just get more and more things added on to the cost of something as you move through a process and there’s just not the kind of price transparency that you’d expect, we’re concerned about that.’

‘As we approach an increase in air travel for the Labor Day holiday, I want to reiterate what you have heard me say often: Americans expect when they purchase an airline ticket they will arrive at their destination safely, reliably and affordably,’ U.S Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s letter said to Airline CEOs. He stated in the letter that around 3.2% of the total flights were canceled in the first six months and over 20% of flights got delayed. The issues are getting worse day by day compared to the pre-pandemic situation.

The letter further says, ‘I urge you to take this opportunity to assess your Customer Service Plan to ensure that it guarantees adequate amenities and services to help passengers with expenses and inconveniences due to delays and cancelations,’ continues, ‘The department asks that airlines, at a minimum, provide meal vouchers for delays of three hours or more and lodging accommodations for passengers who must wait overnight at an airport because of disruptions within the carrier’s control.’ Furthermore, there are articles for the passengers to follow to save themselves from paying excess costs on the trip. Travelers are advised to research mindfully before purchasing any services and contact directly with the airline to avoid excess expenses.

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