The 2023 Manila International Book Fair opens its doors for a well-versed account of addiction, resilience, and redemption!

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Manila, Luzon Sep 13, 2023 ( – What qualities define a person as brave? Dr. Rose Maria McCarthy Anding explores the true essence of bravery in her compelling memoir, High Heels, Honey Lips and White Powder. This raw and honest account delves into her tumultuous life, showcasing an extraordinary journey of resilience, redemption, and faith and will be displayed at the 2023 Manila International Book Fair this coming September 14-17, 2023.

Set against the backdrop of the glamorous and often enigmatic world of fashion, High Heels, Honey Lips, and White Powder presents her personal mesmerizing experiences, revealing the author’s triumphs, struggles, and transformative moments. With unflinching honesty, the author candidly explores themes of identity, resilience, and the pursuit of one’s dreams in the face of adversity through the life series she’s gone through. For over twenty-five years, she was trapped in a cycle of addiction, crime, sex, and violence, navigating a path that led her through harrowing encounters and entanglements with notable figures such as Mayor Marion Barry of Washington, D.C. Through unwavering faith and a deep connection with Jesus, Dr. McCarthy discovered her purpose and devoted her life to helping others who struggle with addiction.

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With compassion and wisdom gained from her own experiences, she became a minister, counselor, and inspirational speaker, dedicating herself to providing hope, guidance, and support to individuals seeking recovery. Dr. McCarthy’s powerful seminars and speeches, ranging from addiction and recovery to forgiveness and trust, have touched the lives of countless individuals across schools, organizations, substance abuse centers, and book clubs.

Discover more about this “awe-spiring” work and Dr. McCarthy’s life by grabbing your copy of the book now! Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more online book retailers.

High Heels, Honey Lips and White Powder: Second Edition
by Dr. Rose Maria McCarthy Anding
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