(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Manila, Luzon Sep 13, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Authors Press is thrilled to announce the release of “Rapa Nui Settlers: By Choice and Necessity,” the thought-provoking sequel to “Heirs of a Lost Race” by esteemed author Francis F. Pitard. In addition to his compelling storytelling, Pitard illuminates lesser-known aspects of Polynesian history and myths, providing readers with an immersive exploration of the unique cultures that flourished on Easter Island.

In this sequel, Pitard delivers a rich and engaging tale, highlighting the resourcefulness, intelligence, and resilience of the Polynesians, a people rarely discussed in historical fiction. The author’s innate writing skills weave an easily understandable narrative that conjures vivid imagery in the reader’s mind. As such, “Rapa Nui Settlers: By Choice and Necessity” serves as a stark reminder of the great Polynesians’ vast accomplishments, refuting theories characterizing them as a self-destructive society.

This book’s main focus is on the transportation of the monumental Moais statues, one of the mysteries that have long puzzled historians. It suggests that the ancient scripts of Rongo Rongo, instead of deforestation and self-inflicted environmental disaster, hold the key to understanding the methods of Moais’ transportation and the real causes behind the downfall of this impressive society.

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“Rapa Nui Settlers: By Choice and Necessity” has already garnered positive feedback and a five-star rating on Amazon, reinforcing its status as an invaluable piece of literature. The book is a must-read for anyone looking to delve into a world of bravery, adventure, and perseverance, presenting a unique perspective on a fascinating aspect of human history.

Quote: “In this book, we pay homage to the real Rapanuis, the original Rapanuis, a peaceful group of talented, intelligent, and caring people. Any theories characterizing them as a self-destructive society are unadulterated slander. It is time to honor them for their magnificent achievements.”

Authors Press is set to bring Francis F. Piatrd’s “Rapa Nui Settlers: By Choice and Necessity” to the Manila International Book Fair 2023, providing attendees with an excellent opportunity to engage with the remarkable story told in this book. The book is now available at Authors Press, Creative Books Bookstore, Sweet A’s Book Cafe, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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