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The artwork appeared on the day of the historic anniversary of the first peace meeting between the Arab and Jewish worlds

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Milano, Lombardia Nov 20, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The last 19th November, in Milan, on Giovanni Scheiwiller Street, in the Porta Romana and Fondazione Prada area, an artwork of street art measuring 2 by 1.70 meters appeared, depicting the war between Israel and Palestine entitled “Not Holy Land”. The work is a digital drawing printed on a blueback poster created by the young Calabrian artist LBS (Salvatore Bruno Latella). Founder of the international project “Globalized Street Art”.

LBS, taking into consideration the date of November 19, wanted to remember the day on which the historic event occurred in 1977: the first peace meeting between the Arab leader Anwar Sadat and the Israeli leader Menachem, precisely in the territory of the latter. “Unholy Land” dramatically describes a complex scene full of symbolism. In the boundless desert, the imposing mountains silently witness the drama that takes place at the center of the picture, the destruction of the lives of innocents caused by a new chapter in the Arab conflict- Israel.

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At the center of the work, two children run with mutilated arms, their crying transformed into tears of blood. Their desperate escape is hindered by Western soldiers, whose pointed golden weapons represent immense power, but at the same time a burden full of responsibility. The contrast between the fragility of children and the power of weapons highlights the inhumanity of war.

On opposite sides of the painting, two figures converge towards the center. On the left, a Western soldier runs armed with a golden rifle, a symbol of power and wealth that does not even spare the act of war. On the right, a Muslim in stereotypical dress holds a golden rose, an unexpected gesture of peace in the context of war. This image suggests the complexity of relationships and the possibility of hope even in the midst of discord: a dream, a utopia.
The golden rose, almost suspended between the two worlds in conflict, symbolizes a fragile and suspicious gesture of peace, highlighting the need to seek peaceful solutions beyond cultural and religious differences.

LBS is a utopian, powerful, and disruptive vision represented in one of the largest works of street art ever seen especially in Italy.

LBS uniquely combines humanistic studies with its artistic production, transforming ideas and visions into compelling works of art. Situated at the intersection of conceptualism, aestheticism, and artivism. His powerful and socially critical street art has garnered widespread recognition and national media appearances. LBS courageously addresses the problems of society, inviting the viewer to openly confront the challenges of the contemporary world.

His unique vision merges with artivism in the “liquid super-society”, symbolically exploring contemporary society and the lack of dreams and certainties. With a technique that combines photography, digital drawing, fine art print design, and painting, LBS draws inspiration from different artistic currents, creating an incisive visual language. His works communicate a conceptual and social message, with a pedagogical profile that reflects his academic training. LBS has been the protagonist of important exhibitions and publications, with constant growth in his artistic career. Prepare to be enthralled by LBS, an artist who uses art as a catalyst for change, calling out our humanity and offering bright hope for the future.

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