A Boy and His Goose

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Wilmington, Delaware Nov 21, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – School bullying leaves more than physical marks; it erodes a child’s confidence, impacting their academic performance and instilling fear. Beyond the surface, it molds their self-perception and alters relationships. Addressing this is pivotal in fostering a secure educational environment where each child can thrive emotionally and academically, free from the haunting effects of bullying.

Amid these challenges, Joel Brasier, a luminary in literature, introduces readers to an enchanting voyage through his newest creation, A Boy and His Goose. This captivating narrative intricately explores the transformative influence of unexpected friendships and subtly addresses the detrimental effects of bullying on children.

Enter the world of six-year-old Jason, navigating the complexities of school life and the looming specter of bullying. His yearning to seek solace on the family farm sets the scene for a profound encounter that forever alters his existence. The arrival of a solitary gosling sparks an enchanting connection, birthing an unbreakable bond between them.

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A Boy and His Goose transcends convention, delivering a resonant message of self-acceptance and the profound impact of genuine friendship. Brasier’s adept storytelling captivates readers across generations, unveiling life’s exquisite moments in the most unexpected places.

This heartfelt narrative explores resilience, companionship, and the wonders of childhood. The story compels readers to rediscover the simplicity of joy and the enchantment inherent in unexpected connections.

A Boy and His Goose emerges as a modern gem. Prepare for an expedition that will kindle a renewed sense of optimism and leave a lasting warmth in your heart.

Joel Brasier’s latest masterpiece is now accessible through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading online bookstores. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this poignant narrative, destined to linger in your thoughts long after the final chapter.

Moreover, Joel deeply engaged and intensified his presence in a radio interview with Emmy award-winning journalist Kate Delaney on America Tonight Radio. During this significant conversation, he shared compelling insights that underscore the irresistible nature of the book – once readers begin turning its pages, they find it impossible to set it aside. You can tune in to their dialogue on the podcast or watch it on YouTube through the links below:




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ISBN: 979-8822911468

Book Title: A Boy and His Goose

Author: Joel Brasier

Publisher: Palmetto Publishing

Represented by: Great Writers Media, LLC

Published Date: May 23, 2023

Book Genre: Children’s Duck Books, Children’s Friendship, Children’s Book, Children

About the Author

Joel Brasier is a disabled Army veteran. He proudly served with the 82nd Airborne Division and the 3rd Infantry Division and was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. While in Iraq, he was seriously injured and was discharged in August 2010. He is involved with the Dallas Warriors, a non-profit organization devoted to rehabilitating disabled veterans through ice hockey. He lives in Texas with his geese, ducks, and chickens.

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