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In August, the ‘Ocean Eyes’ singer renewed her statement hairdo, the famous black gloss with a highlighting root dye but this time in bright red.  Later a month, Megan Fox, the ‘Transformers’ star introduced a spectacular ‘velvet bob’, as her stylist named it. Then as soon as the autumn arrived the ‘Cold Heart’ singer Dua Lipa turned her hair into a fiery scarlet. The prolific pop star brought a mahogany-red look to the table back in October.

Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner shared while revealing her life in looks for a Vogue magazine project this month, groaned for her headline-covering copper red of 2022, said, “You guys, I miss my red hair,” continued her regret as she added, “I don’t know what to do about it. I went back too soon.”

The alluring and desired hairdo of the new age has in fact an extensive history surprisingly.

However, very few people are there who are naturally redheads, although the color of their hair has been both fetishized and feared over the hundreds of years. Back in the time when witch trials in the 15th century peaked, having ‘ginger hair’ was seen and treated as a trait of the devil evidence and often punished and killed. In the 17th century, Obadiah Walker, an English academic marked a hastily matter to the vast spread culture of demoing red-haired men, said, “Each man disparageth his fellow-creature,” continued stating, “And this is often done upon such trivial grounds… The putting of disesteem upon persons, merely because of the native colour of the excrement of the head.”

Racheal Gibson, a hair historian pointed out, “Judas in the Bible is depicted as having red hair, and similarly the ancient Gauls and Scots — people who were attacking and invading (England) — tended to be red haired,” shared in a phone interview, “So from the earliest times they represented invaders.”

Well, all over history scarlet locks have drained in and out of style again and again. In 1988, the New York Times again announced that red was as Linda Wells stated “the captivating hair color of the moment,” moreover added, “No matter how fashionable they are now, redheads will never be commonplace.”

Coming to present fashion talk, Celebrity hair stylist Jenna Parry stated, “People that want to try red hair for the first time want to do something exciting,” further said, “They want to exude confidence and stand out in a crowd.”

Nicole Keenen, a Chicago-based hair stylist marked that there was a financial benefit for her clients, added, “It definitely has an accessibility that blonde doesn’t,” continued stating, “Especially for more melanated hair types, blonde is just very expensive to keep up.”

When talking about Megan Fox and Dua Lipa, the discussion could take a while about the ‘coincidence’ of their rustic hair styling, it was mindfully scheduled for new projects. Rachael Gibson said, “It’s such a visual thing, we can scan (hair color) in a second. And red has this enduring appeal in terms of being eye-catching,” continued adding, “It’s a good time to change your hair when you’ve got an album out.”

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