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Denis Villeneuve, the filmmaker is all ready to release his upcoming movie Dune: Part Two. He is a director who became widely famous in a brief time span. He has given only a few films but he has earned his position in the world of movies. For that reason, he is considered one of the best film directors all around the world. In the movie, Dune: Part Two, he has cast brilliant talents like Zendaya, TimothéeChalamet, and Austin Butler. The movie is going to be released on 1st March 2024. If anyone wants to get a deep understanding of his filmography, then here are 4 movies that will help anyone to get into his loop.

  1. Prisoners:

‘Prisoners’ is a movie that has been released in 2013. It is not a usual kidnapping movie. The innovative depiction has made this movie different from all the other ones. This movie is set in Pennsylvania, where two girls will be vanished on the day of Thanksgiving. Here Hugh Jackman has played the character of the father of the lost girls. In this movie, Denis Villeneuve has shown beautifully how far one can go to protect the loved ones. Along with that, he has added some brilliant twists to the story, which has made it even more mesmerizing.

  1. Enemy:

‘Enemy’ is another movie by Villeneuve, which has been released in 2014. In this movie, the main character is Jake Gyllenhaal, who is a college professor in Toronto. The mysterious plot of the movie has the potential to amaze anyone. Here Jake Gyllenhaal would find a doppelgänger and that is when the story will take a turn. The surreal events done by the doppelgänger will bring out the true elements of a mystery movie. Along with all this, the haunting environment of the movie will make it even more brilliant. So, watching it would be definitely one of the best decisions.

  1. Arrival:

‘Arrival’ is a sci-fi movie, which is considered the best in its genre. This movie is based on the story of Ted Chiang. By watching this movie, one will get to watch quite a complex movie that involves time, language, and nature of the humankind. The excellent depiction has made this movie one of a kind. Here Amy Adams has played the character of Louise Bank, who is a linguist. Villeneuve has shown his skills in this movie where he has offered both a thought-provoking yet visually appealing movie. So, adding this to the watchlist is mandatory for everyone.

  1. Blade Runner 2049:

‘Blade Runner 2049’ is another exemplary creation of Villeneuve. It is a movie that is beyond everyone’s imagination. He has crossed all the cinematic boundaries in this movie and catered a masterpiece to all. Ryan Gosling the protagonist of this movie and has given a wonderful performance. Apart from that Harrison Ford has also done an outstanding job as Rick Deckard. The mind-blowing concept of it has made the movie unique in every aspect.

Watch these 4 movies by Denis Villeneuve before Dune: Part Two to understand his filmography.

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