Souljaroo, the aspiring hip hop collaborates with NBD Jayy and Yung Rell to come up with one of the most fascinating musical projects, ‘Soldiers To Our Environment’.

Soulja Roo

The catchy vocal performance and enthralling rap verses of the tracks of ‘Soldiers To Our Environment’ are here to turn your bleak day into a charming and entertaining one. The detailed structure of the tracks of this playlist has left the audience spellbound. The tracks get stuck to the mind pretty quickly and fill the ambiance with moment of majestic musicality. Opening up with ‘The LongWay’, the collection sets off on an incredible musical journey through the performance of USA rapper Souljaroo Souljaroo, well accompanied by NBD Jayy and Yung Rell, something which has kept the audience hooked till the very end of the playlist.

Produced under the house of True Souljas Associations, ‘Soldiers To Our Environment’ is truly blissful experience for the fans of the genre. ‘Different Strains of High’ take on the charge at the end of the opening track, lightening up the ambiance and intensifying the overall structure of the collection. With each passing bar, the enchanting factor of this track increases, glorifying the presence of the used ingredients. The rhythmic development of the track ‘YSB’ goes on to engage the soul and heart of the listeners through its impeccable production and incredibly stunning soundscape. The work of all the creators has led to its immense success.

The flattering emergence of vibes through the structure of ‘Smoke Come Off My Collar’ is undeniably breathtaking, bringing the best out of the used ingredients and taking the musical presentation to a whole new level of awesomeness. The concluding track, ‘Remininscing’ fits as the perfect end to the project, enticing the listeners to again go through the entire collection from the very beginning. The impact of the entire collection is tremendous on the fans of the genre. Souljaroo has showcased his musicianship and professionalism through this project, which is available on the digital music streaming platform of SoundCloud.

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