Smoov Bully has amazed the audience with stunning flair in the songs from the EP ‘Life of Smoov’. It is an irresistible performance by the Brentwood hip hop artist. 

Smoov Bully

Smoov Bully has belted out an EP that has got three of the most brilliant songs you will ever get to hear. There is a lot of frenzy among fans with the release of the EP ‘Life of Smoov’. An impeccable class has been shown in the songs from the latest EP by the Brentwood hip hop artistThe songs in the EP that have appealed to an eclectic audience are ‘SAD FACE’ featuring Voice, ‘The Facts’ and ‘Death Behind Trust’. Every song has got a different flavor altogether and this goes to show that the singer is versatile. The singer has gone through a lot of betrayals and has suffered a lot of personal setbacks which has made him strong enough to turn the tide in his favor and start all over again. This has been expressed in his songs in a splendid manner and adds to the melodic fervor of his songs.

In the EP Life of Smoov’ by Smoov Bully, the track ‘SAD FACE’ has got a regal melody which is incredibly infectious. The groove has got a plaintively intense feel. In the song ‘The Facts’ the rhythm is very cheesy as the beats are going to hit you with a bang. In ‘Death Behind Trust’, the sound of the song will take a hop mesmerizing you with its tune. You can log on to the Instagram handle of the singer and catch a glimpse of the shared updates with information pertaining to his latest and future endeavors.

In the songs from the EP by the talented rapper, there is a heavy electronic stage setting that is crafted incredibly. The stunning performance has an impressive appeal creating an impression for a period. Soundcloud is a popular music streaming app where you can get logged in to enjoy the fascinating songs by the singer.

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