Image Credits – Daily Mail

With the whole world trying to cope up with the dark times of social isolation, people and family members are trying their best to stay closer. And, no difference is the case for Kandi Burruss who recently got a visit from her parents.

Kandi Burruss’ Kids Get A Visit From Their Grandparents. The widespread of Corona virus has compelled several people to lock themselves up indoors. In such a scenario Kandi took to her social media account to share some pictures in which she got a visit from her dad and mom who wanted to pay a visit to their grandbabies.

The adorable pictures soon flooded in with several heartwarming comments. One follower commented on how beautiful Kandi’s mother looks. Another follower showed curiosity to know how she became so brown-skinned when both her parents are light-toned. To which someone else responded that the question was very inappropriate as the specific person’s family color is all over the map, the comment read.

Another comment read that kit is possible to have a child that either resembles both the parents or goes opposite to them. The comment further went on to explain that if the parents that are the grandma and the grandpa of the subject, which is Kandi in this situation has opposite looks that are recessive genes then the parent with the dominant genes is whose looks their kids will get. This is what happens most of the time the commenter concluded.

A follower commented that several others have had the same question in their mind but it was just one person who got straight up and popped the question as of them were pretty confused. The person also came out in support of that particular person and defended by saying that the question was not meant in any negative way. More often than not that such thing skips a generation and the question asked by the person must be random and nothing intentional.

Kandi who is a busy woman has encountered similar questions in the past as well but this time she decided to answer them. Kandi who did not seem offended at all handled the situation very tactfully and took some time out to educate the person.

Some other person raised a question saying that when are the black people finally going to accept that people come in various shades whether or not their parents are light, medium, or black. How do they expect others to accept them and see them the way they are when their black people are countering problems to do so.

Apart from all the discussion, Kandi was recently seen promoting the YouTube giveaway channel of her son, Ace Wells Tucker.