The state Baltimore, United States is growing more incredible by the way as upcoming artists of the city push forward bravely with their innovative and bold art. Adding to this new legacy and collection is a bright, young and budding artist YannaMaria, who is the princess of the Austin Music Group, has been delivering some truly captivating R&B & Soul musical masterpieces. The story of her entire family conspiring towards her success was very inspiring than any eloquent words can pen. This young 22 years old artist in her early 20s has come up with her artistic skills and experience will help her in establishing herself in the music industry. If you are looking for some unique varieties of R&B & Soul music, then you have come to the right place.

There is a whole new smooth edge of R&B & Soul to this single Always On Time’. It has a sense old classically clean feel and something that is notably genuine and heartfelt. There is a mellow groove and organic instrumentation and a vibrant soundscape which makes this track worth listening to. There is a string of beautifully melodic and captivating vocal performance all of which makes this music easy to get into. The song’s structure showcases the numerous sections working hard to keep a sense of movement alive and well.

The vocals of the artist YannaMaria meander throughout and never fail to carry the sentiment or the notes of the moment with a lot of confidence strength and genuine passion. Even with this level of incredible skill and expertise, her delivery is delicate and emotionally on point but also smooth and gentle, in keeping with the mood and theme of the track. From a professional perspective, the melody-line and beats complement each other beautifully.

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