16 Stonez

In the world of hip-hop and rap music 16 Stonez is creating a buzz with his performance. His music describes the dark vibes which mixed with chill and energy. He is an independent artist whose music will make you get good vibes when you listen to his tracks. His track has high hard beats and emotional sad vocals. These two together makes it sound beautiful. He is highly inspired by his mother and himself for composing music. His is presently working on his track ‘Talk To Em’. The dark and mellow beats in the track Drowning is hard-hitting even conceptually thoughtful. The vocal tone and style of delivery in the track add a level of characters. The intensity and energy level in the track keeps on rising as the track progresses.

The music in South Carolina Rapper 16 Stonez’s track ‘Drowning’ beautifully connects with the listeners. The song maintains a perfect balance between classic and appealing hip-hop sounds. The track has a perfect balance of all the elements which grabs the attention of the listeners. The soundscape the song is well structured and makes a crisp finishing. The rhythm and the flow of music in the song connect with the listeners in a quickly likable way.

The finishing of 16 Stonez’s track ‘Drowning’ is humble. The hook in the track is incredibly addictive and memorable. The synth in the track rains down on the listeners in a familiar way. The vocal work in the track impresses the listeners in every possible way. The track has notably melancholic chords which weave around the listeners in a surprisingly emotive way. You can listen to some of his other tracks by tuning to the music streaming site Soundcloud. For more update about his upcoming music and events, you need to follow him on Instagram.

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