Since the release of Dead by Daylight the game has got many survivors and great killers. The massive success of the crossover Stranger Things is followed by the development team as they are getting back to the roots and the next combo of Killer Survivor is created.


Kimura Rui is featured in the new trailer which speeds away in a city lit with neon. She is on the back of a futuristic motorcycle which is sleek and riding on it as she was shrouded suddenly by a thick mist. She is winding down on a road that shares the borders with forests and after that, they come face to face with Oni who is ominously looking.  Dead by Daylights Newest Killer Has Been Revealed And It Is Inspired By Japanese Mythology, It Is Time To Face A Terrifying Oni.


Both the designs look super cool. Kimura Yui has a style that is semi-futuristic and it moves on to the terrifying design that Oni has as it towers over and above the prey. The story along with the creepy environment in Japanese mythology behind Oni creates an environment that is perfect for challenges with a new mix in the popular horror game 1 v 4. 


The lore of Japanese horror is brought into the game by the Cursed Legacy and has been blended into the mixes and games of the cast of killers which is already diverse. starting from the sword to the armor, true horror is ringed in and it could truly be the first demon in the Dead by Daylight Domain. 


Sanctum of wrath is the name of the new map. The expectation is that it is themed in Japanese and the Easter eggs are placed carefully in the background. Oni features many games that have historical relevance.


There is excitement among the players already as there are possibilities that arise fro the very idea as the scooter is kept at teleportation by Yui which is the one Oni could have had. Confirmation of anything regarding this has not happened but there is excitement among the players regarding this new killer as it can be made into a PTR and the game eventually.


As every update comes, with every new expansion there are teachable perks along with cosmetics. the entire game is impacted largely by this and the fans are left with many questions that remain to be answered. The chapter’s overall performance depends upon the character’s performance and with one of the strongest killers being the spirit itself every eye is on Oni so that some variety is given out or the crown is taken back from her.


PTR will be receiving the chapter sometime around December. On the release of Dead by Daylight, many fans would want to experience it which is out now on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This title is widely popular as survival horror and depends on whether you want to be a killer or a survivor as unique challenges are presented by the game for all the players.

Rafael Schneider

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