Revivify your intellect this season with the latest puzzle game Link-A-Pix Deluxe, which is releasing on Nintendo Switch. The aforementioned game was initially launched on Nintendo 3DS, but is now being moved to Nintendo Switch enhanced with new content, which is definitely going to be an interesting test of the intellect for the gamers. Challenge Your Critical Thinking Skills By Connecting Puzzle Clues In Link-A-Pix Deluxe, Coming To Nintendo Switch

Once the players get a hang of the manner in which they should be proceeding with it, the game promises to give an outstanding experience to them. The game is an innovative version of the regular puzzle games, and it demands quick analytical skills on the players’ part. The game begins with a puzzle grid that has several colored squares on it. The aim of the game Link-A-Pix is to connect the same-colored numbers in a line. In case it is a three, it means that it is possible to connect only three squares to the other square.

The moment the gamers connect all the color-coated squares, a picture is revealed to the players. If the gamer gets stuck midway through the game or does not get a hang of the game, he can click the Info button on the main menu.

Comprising 120 color-filled puzzles and 120 mono puzzles, the game has 240 puzzles in all for the players. So as to keep the players engaged with the game, the developer Lightwood Games promises to release extra content for the players at regular intervals.

As shown in the gameplay trailer, the game consists of a variety of difficulty levels. By means of the smaller trailers, the players can seek to sharpen their abilities, besides learning how to play it.

For all those crazy Nintendo Switch gamers, Link-A-Pix Deluxe is scheduled to be released on 2nd January, 2020. Available on the Nintendo eShop, the game can be bought at a pocket pinch of $7.99, and in case the player buys it, he becomes eligible for winning up to 40 Gold Points.

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