Fans are already aware of the fact that the remake of Final Fantasy VII and Butterfinger has decided to join forces, in order to offer exclusive DLC content through special promotion to the gamers that are based in the US.

However, in reality, it is way beyond Butterfinger. This promotion is a partnership with Final Fantasy VII Remake and the candy company Ferrero.

Through this exciting offer, an all new Tifa dynamic theme can be unlocked through the recently announced Butterfinger/Final Fantasy VII Remake partnership by the US residents. The only thing they need to do is upload their proof purchase for some candy bars.

It is scheduled to start from 3rd March 2020. It is the original release date, before its push to April. And, it is scheduled to continue till 14th May 2020.

If the fans of Final Fantasy but a Baby Ruth, a Butterfinger, or Crunch Bar, they will be able to use the codes, which will be present within the packaging. Through this, the users will able to get the Tifa theme as well as some exclusive gear, during the launch of the game on 10th April 2020.

The points availed of by the players can be used by them in lieu of accessories that can come in handy during the progression of the game. Only points from two candy bars are enough for purchasing the Tifa PS4 themes. This is the same artwork that was released by Square Enix on the official website, way back in December.

The fans of the original 1997 release of the Final Fantasy VII will be able to be familiar with this artwork. It was one of the “Please Intert Disc _” menu screens, which showcased Tifa, looking up at the night sky, while being seated on top of the well, in Nibelheim, her hometown.

The users of Final Fantasy VII can go through to the official website – and type in the codes, only after purchasing two of the competing candy bars. And, then the players will be able to unlock the Tifa theme and other in-game DLC accessories, according to individual requirements.

The concept of a major company taking participation in a video game release isn’t new at all. It was previously done by Monster Energy Drinks when they used a similar code system to unlock special DLC for Call of Duty. The NFL has also done such things while sponsoring Overwatch Leagues.

The remake of Final Fantasy VII is a complete HD remake of the 1997 original. The length of the original game was three PS1 discs; however, this remake encompasses multiple games.

It was confirmed by Square way back in 2015 and reiterated in 2019, that the story will be presented in chapter-like installments, with each having the length of a full game.

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