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It is now clear that Bernie Sanders does not want to put light on the fact that he is still running for President although Joe Biden has outnumbered him by a huge number of delegates.

It was only last Wednesday when a CNN reporter popped the question that Sanders may not stand a chance at clinching the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination that has already received severe hindrances owing to the coronavirus outbreak.

Bernie Sanders Lashes Out And Drops The F-Bomb When Asked This Question by saying that he is in the middle of dealing with a global crisis.

The politician from Vermont also said that he is trying hard to keep the economy alive so that it does not reach a complete meltdown where people can die. And this is probably enough for him to keep busy as of now, more than the elections.

Some people are of the opinion that this situation might be a repetition of the 2016 elections where he might stay in the campaign only to push Biden and later take head positions of several progressive policies.

Tuesday has been rather unfortunate for Sanders as he lost to all three elections in Florida, Arizona, and Illinois. Before the press, he did not highlight his Democratic defeat but impressed by the current virus situation.

He also made some seriously confusing statements on Wednesday where he said that the campaign is currently being scrutinized. No elections are taking place in the next three weeks. They are also quite interactive with their supporters. Apart from this, Sanders also said that if at this point someone from the party says that the campaign is over, they are not truthfully speaking.

In one of his speeches, Bernie Sanders said that America still has a Medicare crisis for many people. He passed on a promise that for everyone without insurance, with high deductibles, co-payments, high expenses, and other issues, their government will make sure that Medicare is available for everybody. He added saying that their Medicare plans are not just hyped propaganda during the coronavirus crisis but addresses everyone who is in need of good medical assistance. Sanders says that more than any campaigning oratory, addressing the real issue during this critical moment is more important than anything else.

After that, he said that their healthcare planning should be such that moving further on, these medical crises are addressed and dealt with properly ensuring ICU and ventilator for all those in need. The biggest concern is that if the number of patients starts to increase exponentially, hospitals may not be fully equipped for such expansive health demands.

What he said may be quite inspiring in the backdrop of the ongoing crisis but it still remains unclear as to whether Sanders will fall behind Biden in his quest to unite his party.