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Konami promised to launch a new line of mini-consoles by this time of the year but now the launch of these mini consoles is  Delayed Due To Manufacturing Company Suspending BusinessThis new edition included the PC Engine Core Grafx mini, PC Engine mini, and TurboGrafx-16 mini. But just before hitting the gaming market with the latest mini consoles, their operation of launching it is temporarily stalled due to the terrible spread of COVID-19 that has caused the pandemic Coronavirus. The whole industry is in a shock and in a lock down state with no progression.

Konami officially has announced that this delay is caused due to the suspension of manufacturing business worldwide as the outbreak of Coronavirus has become a global crisis. This delay is not good for the business for accessories related to the mini-consoles, like the Turbo Pad. Their mini consoles allow the gamers to play several games without any bugging of discs like other popular mini-consoles.

The look of the new mini-consoler is dynamic but it has similarities with other same items. For the gamers in North America, the TurboGrafx-16 mini is as great as the PC Engine mini in Japan and the PC Engine Core Grafx mini in Europe. They are the modified version of Hudson Soft’s TurboGrafx-16.

The consoles copy the features of the original console’s 16-bit games. The company released the final line up of the supported games that would have been released on the newly produced mini consoles if the manufacturing business was not halted due to the infectious virus. They initially announced the lineup on their youtube channel.

The titles that are listed on the mini-consoles are Splatterhouse, Galaga ‘88, TengaiMaikyo 2, Tokimeki Memorial, and many more. They have offered at least 57 games on three consoles with the larger PC Engine mini having 58 games.

The best part is that the mini consoles can be tethered to bigger screens to increase the pleasure of playing 16-bit games. There are a few games listed that are not available in many English countries.

These mini consoles were to launch on March 19, 2020, but it has been postponed until any further notice. What is even more disappointing that COVID-19 is still getting spread across the world with lightning speed. The business is paused for the safety of the workers and society. As soon as the situation gets under control, they will announce their decision.