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An unsuspected shark attack has taken the life of a young lady in New Zealand.

The victim was rushed out of the water alive but could not survive. She died at the scene despite efforts to save her.

The Police said the cause of the injury is a shark attack that happened on Waihi Beach on North Island. The place is not far from Auckland which is apparently the biggest city.

This is kind of shark attack is quite unusual in the country. This the first fatality caused by a shark since 2013.

The local media found witnesses saying that the woman was swimming right in front of the lifeguard flags when the incident took place on Thursday.

Hearing her scream, the lifeguards went out in the boat immediately and pulled her out of the water. But the woman was already injured in the water.

The New Zealand police released a statement and confirmed that the woman died shortly after she got injured in water.

Since such an incident didn’t take place in a long time, even the authorities were unable to identify the cause of death. But they said, “indications are that she had been injured by a shark”.

The police said that the death scene of the woman was “extremely traumatic” for those who were there at the moment.

The traditional Maori prohibition restricting access to an area is placed on the beach, a seven-day rahui.

It is not confirmed what kind of shark attacked the woman but the witnesses claimed that it was a great white. This is one of the biggest shark species that are protected in the waters of New Zealand.

The last recorded shark attack was recorded in 2018 near Baylys Beach where a man got injured. But it was not a fatality since the man survived.

According to the country’s department of conservation, there are 13 fatal shark attacks in the last 170 years of New Zealand.

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