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Canada is trailing the United States and the United Kingdom when it comes to their coronavirus vaccination rates.

The data from February 9 shows that the U.K had vaccinated 20 percent of its population to date by February 10, and the data revealed that the U.S had vaccinated 13.5 percent of its citizens. On the other hand, Canada ha vaccinated for just over three percent of its population by the same date. However, these numbers don’t necessarily mean that Canada is failing at its vaccination rollout, says one expert.

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist said that they are not the U.K. and they are not the United States and that they don’t have the same degree of buying power as them.

He added that does anyone think that they would be in a different situation with different leadership. And, replied with a no. He said that he thinks that they have so far made the best of a very challenging situation.

Bogoch explained that the world of vaccines is a competitive one right now and that Canada isn’t the only biggest player in the game, a factor that has further complicated the efforts.

He said that the strategy taken was to procure as many vaccines as possible in the global market that is quite difficult to navigate and that is putting it politely and added that Canada isn’t getting a whole lot of help from its allies, including the United States, as they all race ahead in the world vaccination rankings.

Bogoch added their best friend and neighbors are producing vaccinations so close to home that they could shoot a hockey puck and hit Ontario from the factory in Kalamazoo. However, they are not sending any vaccines their way, and therefore they have to get them from Europe.

So far, the government has defended its vaccine rollout. Deputy Chief public health officer Dr. Howard Njoo said that a multitude of factors creates an uneven vaccination field around the world.

Njoo added that it is always challenging to compare different countries because every country has its particular context, geographical factors, and the way the health care system is set up. He added that he thinks that they just need focus and must concentrate on Canada. Certainly, the doses are being rolled out as they have indicated and making a good headway in terms of their seniors and also their health care workers, and also in the northern territories.

Despite all assurances, Canada’s vaccine rollout has come under fire as delivery delays hit Canada’s expected shipments from both Pfizer and Moderna. However, both the companies have said that they have plans to fulfill their promised dose deliveries by the end of March.

Bogoch said that if they truly have their vulnerable population vaccinated in April or May, and if they truly have anyone who wants a vaccine in Canada vaccinated by the end of the summer, then they think it’s a pretty reasonable success.

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