For the music artists who are struggling to gain popularity for their music on SoundCloud, the Music Promotion Club is here to empower all. It often happens that even after successfully crafting a track or playlist on SoundCloud, the expected number of plays and followers never reach. It exclusively happens because the listeners do not get to know about your music. It is not that your music is not worthy; perhaps you have not availed of any promotional package for SoundCloud yet. Music Promotion Club offers the best SoundCloud promotion at affordable packages with effective marketing strategies.

The company is best known for its professionalism and effective promotional process that empowers all kinds of musicians, singers, composers, and producers who are looking forward to gaining exposure with SoundCloud. With 100% authenticity and a legitimate process, it gets easier to reach the target audience. The promotional process also generates major social media buzz and also makes sure that the clients or musicians get enough awareness through news and media platforms.

best SoundCloud promotion
best SoundCloud promotion

The promotional process is categorized into four marketing packages. The first package is the SoundCloud Marketing Starter Pack which comes in only $59 to help all the independent artists and beginners in the industry. This package provides more than 10k plays, 50+ reposts, and likes as well. It also generates enough buzz to provide more than 24,000+ followers. Not only that but the package also provides a press release and music blog as a part of the content marketing that effectively increases more web traffic and online engagement. The company also provides Custom banners for the artist which are absolutely free of cost.

The next package is Soundcloud Promotion Package that follows a similar promotional process but in a greater magnitude. This package costs only $99 and provides more than 24k listeners, 100+ reposts, 200+ likes along a major social media buzz. In the case of content marketing, the paid press release is distributed to 7 to 8 major media platforms along with a music blog and a review as well. There are chances to get your music featured on popular news platforms, such as Google News. This package exclusively includes email marketing video creation and also latest event promotion. However, these packages are a one-time promotional investment which is not applicable in a long run. These packages enable daily 4 hours of social sharing and interaction for a week. But in case you are looking for promotion on a daily basis, Music promotion Club has two premium weekly promotional packages for SoundCloud.

The next package is Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack which costs the same, $59 but on a weekly basis. This package provides more than 12k listeners, 50+ reposts, and 150+ likes for different tracks. It also provides content marketing and custom banner just like the starter pack. However, the benefit of weekly packs is that everything that can be gained is on a weekly basis. So the process continues again on the next week which provides an exponential change in exposure. With the company’s 24×7 customer service, the clients are free to stop their subscription at any time they want. Until then the company will keep the promotion going on till it reaches the required number of audiences, listeners, and followers.

Last but not the least; the Soundcloud Promotion Weekly Package is the most beneficial package among all since it provides the maximum exposure through organic popularity. It provides more than 28k listeners, 200+ reposts, and 250+ likes for different tracks along with major social media buzz. An effective PR distribution on 8 to 10 popular platforms, music blog, review, video creation, email marketing, custom banner, etc everything promotional aspect is included in it. It only costs $99 a week which continues until the client wishes to stop the process and subscription.

For any package, the whole promotional process can be availed of by following three simple steps. Firstly, put up your email address and track link. Secondly, make your payment and purchase your order. The last step is to be patient and wait until you see the difference in your SoundCloud Profile. So what are you waiting for?

About the Company

Music Promotion Club is one of the leading SoundCloud promotional websites that has successfully empowered many music artists to gain popularity and exposure. With its legitimate and affordable packages, the platform has become a trustworthy agency for every kind of musician.