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Myanmar’s military has imposed martial law over various districts in the country and people have witnessed the bloodiest day while protesting.

The protests have been ongoing since February’s coup but on this Sunday something gore happened. The Myanmar police open fired on the protestors and more than 50 people were killed on the streets.

Most deaths occurred in Yangon where the protestors have gathered, demanding the release of civilian leader Aung San Kyi.

This ousted leader is the head of the NLD or the National League for Democracy. The party saw a landslide victory in the month of November last year.

The military has taken most of the NLD leaders to detention after the coup by putting allegations of fraud vote. However, no proof has been provided yet.

Leader Ms. Suu Kyi has been sent to and held at an unknown location since the coup in February. She was charged with some acquisitions which the followers said false and fabricated.

On Monday, 15th March Ms. Suu Kyi was supposed to appear in the court for her hearing. But the virtual hearing was declined or adjourned due to issues regarding the internet.

The military of Myanmar declared martial law over two prime districts of the country’s largest city Yangon (Rangoon). The law further expanded its area imposing it on various other areas of Yangon and Mandalay.

The protestor came out the voice against this unprecedented situation. They believe China is providing support to the military as the law was imposed after Chinese businesses were attacked.

According to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) monitoring group, more than 120 protestors have been killed through the whole crackdown.

Monday was the goriest day for all as causalities have been repeatedly reported after the security forces open fire on the protestors in the central towns of Myingyan and Aunglan and in Mandalay.

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