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Amazon keeps on spreading its horizon in different industries. Now the American tech giant has acquired a messaging app of its own. Amazon Web Service or AWS has obtained an encrypted messaging app named Wickr recently. The app is quite similar to signal and they were initially used by different government agencies in the US. Though Amazon has revealed the acquisition on Friday, they have not publicized the value of the deal in their

Amazon said in their post that they were excited to make the deal and make Wickr a part of AWS. They also said that Wickr is an innovative company and it had developed the most secure, end-to-end encrypted, and communication technology in the industry right now. They believe that their customers will be able to obtain advanced security features that are not offered by traditional messaging services out there, with Wickr. File sharing, video or voice calls, collaboration, and more will now be more secure with the new app. The government agencies and security-conscious companies will be able to implement the needed governance and security controls to ‘help them meet their compliance requirements.’

The messaging app Wickr was actually designed for the military, governments, security-conscious organizations, and individuals. The app was established in 2012 by Robert Statica, Christopher Howell, Kara Coppa, York Sell, and Nico Sell. The most unique thing about the app is that it is based on the different needs of different customers. The users of the app will be able to trade end-to-end encrypted and content like – messages, photos, videos, and other file attachments. Wickr has many other apps such as Wickr Me, Wickr RAM, Wickr Pro, and Wickr Enterprise. Wickr RAM was designed especially for the military. No matter what the conditions are, the app maintains full security. And Wickr Enterprise was designed to help organizations with bigger workforces.

The security on the app is revolutionary. It encrypts data and the conversations of the users. It takes down the metadata from all content that was transmitted through the network.

In the blog, Amazon further said that due to Covid-19, the government and the companies have adopted a more hybrid work environment. As most of the employees are working remotely, it is now more than necessary to protect their communication data across different locations. Government agencies and organizations can now easily adapt to the alterations in their workforces with the secure communications offered by Wickr. Amazon believes that acquiring Wickr will be a useful addition to the rising collaboration and productivity services that Amazon Web Service provides to its clients and investors.

In the blog, Amazon also revealed that the company plans to provide the Wickr services as soon as possible. It says that after the acquisition, the business partners, channels, and customers of Wickr services will not face any big change in the app and they will be able to access the services like before.

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