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The tension with Moscow has escalated quickly and there is a cold war going between Russia and Ukraine. In this situation, a well-revered Ukrainian political diplomat said that Russia needs to stop clinging to the idea that they can revive the Soviet Union.

Ukrainian ambassador to the EU, Vsevolod Chentsov said in an interview, “Russia needs to reinvent itself as a modern state and stop clinching to the, let’s say, the idea of the reconstruction of the Soviet Union,”

He regarded, “It’s already gone,” referring to the collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1991.

The relationship between the Russian Kremlin and the European counterparts has already gone bad with the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and since then there is always a low-level fight taking place between the Russian Troops and Ukrainian forces.

With the Kremlin moving the border with 100,000 troops and advanced military, the geopolitical analysts are suggesting that this could be an attempt by Russia to spread its military influence in its counterparts. However, there are still many aspects lying underneath that need to be revealed before a potential invasion takes place.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney said that President Vladimir Putin is trying to establish a “type of Soviet Union” which could bring chaos to the world politics and “that can’t be allowed to happen.” The breaking up between the Soviet Union and Russia is considered to be the “greatest geopolitical tragedy” of the 20th century.

The relationship with European Union is going worse as Kremlin is trying to destabilize the EU. However, Chentsov stood in solidarity with the 27 member bloc and strongly opposed by saying “There is more unity among the member states and more understanding of Russian actions.”

He further said, ″We would like to have more assistance. Also material assistance from our partners like Germany.” He put the safe remark that it is not to attack but to defend the military aggression.

He also explained that this is not to initiate war or to escalate the situation. He affirmed, “We do not share this logic that it would make the situation worse.”


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