(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Shanghai, China Aug 2, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – “Let the World hear the voice of Chinese Youth”

From August 4th, 2023, the Chinese children’s experimental drama group QFunTheater will present multiple original works at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the UK. These include the first-ever Chinese children’s sci-fi musical drama co-produced with the Guangzhou Opera House, titled ‘Compendium of Materia Medica,’ the multimedia play ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas,’ and the immersive production ‘Twenty-Four Solar Terms.’ Previously, they garnered widespread attention and discussion in France during performances at the OFF section of the Avignon Arts Festival and in Paris.

“The young ones have reintroduced us to the world and shown a different side of China.” “The creativity of these kids is something we couldn’t achieve when we were their age! Their innovative bilingual performances belong to the future of humanity.” During the final show in Paris, despite the venue being packed, still over 100 audience members waited outside the theater entrance. One excited audience member shared, “Under the genius creations of these children, I gained insight into the expression of Chinese youth today.” Philippe, one of the founders of the BP ZOOM troupe, an internationally renowned group of artists working with children, praised their professionalism and creative abilities. He said, “These kids are the artists of the future. They have not only demonstrated perseverance but also creativity. I genuinely love their works.” Accompanied by the Central Nationalities Orchestra, the erhu, pipa, and Chinese drums showcase their brilliance on the international stage, sparking widespread appreciation from the audience on social media immediately after the performance. During the Avignon Arts Festival OFF section’s grand parade, the children, in their stilts and masks, were especially eye-catching. The puppeteering children appearing as “Fairies of a Hundred Flowers” on the streets also became a delightful sight at this year’s Avignon festival.

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One of the featured works at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, ‘Compendium of Materia Medica,’ is China’s first children’s stage production with drama, lyrics, music, and choreography all created by the children themselves. They wrote nearly 30,000 words for the script and also composed music and dance pieces. Combining the concept of the multiverse, they ingeniously link sci-fi settings with traditional cultural content, seamlessly merging ancient and modern life. Starting from “Doubts about Li Shizhen,” ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’ places the story in the future of 2046, skillfully blending elements of sci-fi time travel, traditional culture, and medical heritage. The children’s portrayal of ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’ represents their imagination of the future world and reflects the underlying concerns about the present reality. When the whole world is “sick” and humanity faces a major crisis, how should we deal with it? If emotions can be contagious one day, can people still communicate with each other? Does the Chinese medical classic ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’ hold the cure? Can Li Shizhen become the savior of all living beings today?

“Accompanied by the Central Nationalities Orchestra, the erhu, pipa, and Chinese drums showcase their brilliance on the international stage, creating an atmosphere of classical Chinese culture. QFunTheater members Xiao Fan, Xiao Bai, and Nuo Yi have specially composed three original songs, adding an emotionally connected and warm touch to the production. Additionally, the play features collaborations with outstanding artists from various fields, coming together to create a unique stage for the children. Notably, renowned film and television actor Wang Xuebing makes his directorial debut in children’s theater productions. Cameroonian modern dance artist Abbe Simon takes charge of choreography, and the musical score includes a variety of styles such as pop, classical, traditional ethnic, and hip-hop. The stage design integrates cutting-edge multimedia imaging technology, where classical meets contemporary, and the children’s imagination takes flight, envisioning a future where they travel through various dimensions and blend Eastern artistic expression with Western Pop. The play incorporates interactive elements that drive the plot, allowing the audience to experience a rich tapestry of contemporary culture even when transported back to Li Shizhen’s era.”

This time, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the UK, the QFunTheater children’s experimental drama group brings the expressions of Chinese youth to the world stage, hoping to show a different side of China to the world. They also look forward to experiencing diverse forms of theater during this international arts festival, expanding their understanding of drama and seeking opportunities to connect intimately with artists from all around the world.

[Performance Information]

‘Compendium of Materia Medica’

Date: August 4-6

Venue: The Space @ Surgeons’Hall – Grand Theatre

‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’

Date: August 4-9

Venue: The Space @ Surgeons’Hall – Fleming Theatre

‘Twenty-Four Solar Terms

Date: August 7-9

Venue: The Space @ Surgeons’Hall – Grand Theatre

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