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A lot of confidence is exuded as the ties between India and the US continue to evolve and grow at the strategic level according to an official of Boeing. They have also mentioned that the early signs are good under the new administration of Biden and it is hoped that the positive relationship will strengthen and grow over the next few years.

The vice president, Jeff Shockey, in Global Sales and Marketing for the Boeing Global Services and Boeing Defense, Space and Security has said that to strengthen the ties between India and the US, there is bipartisan support in Capitol Hill.

In an interview with major media outlets, Shockey has told that he can see good early signs as part of the new administration of Joe Biden and the positivity in the relationship is going to strengthen and grow in the next several years. He has also welcomed the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and their commitment towards a greater partnership between the USA and India.

In an interview with Maria H Laine, who is the vice president of Boeing International Sales and Industrial Partnerships have said that bipartisan support exists in Capitol Hill and he expressed his confidence about both the present and future administrations. The ties between the USA and India are going to strengthen on a strategic level according to him.

In the past decade, one of the prime drivers of the defense trade between the USA and India was Boeing.

Laine has also mentioned that she is seeing the ties to grow and strengthen in the future. The defense business of Boeing has grown over the decade from scratch to $18 billion and it has now been projected to $22 billion for the future.

She also added that three-fourth of all the defense trade between the USA and India is done by Boeing.

She also added that there have been growing opportunities and a lot of projects are in the pipeline of Boeing starting from contribution and participation in the growth trajectory of defense trade as it holds importance and significance.

Laine also added that there is a strong footprint of Boeing in India and significant investments are made by them and they will continue to grow with their footprints. A trusted relationship is shared with the partners and customers and they are committed to a long-term and enduring view of India in the future and now.

India is among the fastest-growing economies in the world and Boeing has made investments in the Indian economy in the aerospace and defense infrastructure, workforce, the talent, with innovation and capability that are world-class and holds utmost importance and significance to Boeing.

Laine further added that in her 27-year long career in Boeing, there were days when there was no defense business with India but there has been a transformational shift in the ties in the last 10 to 15 years.

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